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Solutions You Can Count On With Wagner Equipment Co

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Wagner Equipment Co offers new and used heavy equipment throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Our services run the gamut, from field service technicians and our Cat Parts Store to electric power generation and portable machining. We’ve been a leading Caterpillar equipment dealer since 1976, offering Ag equipment, smaller tools through the Cat Rental… read more

Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 4

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If you’ve ever visited a mining site, even a mining site from the 1800s when mining first began, you know that mining is a huge operation. Surface mining can cover hundreds of acres of land, moving millions of pounds of dirt, rock, and rubble — all before you even get to the coal. In order… read more

Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 3

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Coal mining can be a complex endeavor. It’s a lot more in the 21st century than just a couple of miners with some pick axes and a screen. Coal mining today is a multi-billion dollar industry, employing over 130,000 people. Coal is found in 38 states and most of coal mining is surface mining. Each… read more

Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 2

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Coal mining began mostly on the surface of the earth. People would find a shallow vein, dig a little bit, and bring the coal up. Now called surface mining, this is still the main form of mining used today and is classified as when coal is less than 200 feet underground.  Coal was formed hundreds… read more

Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 1

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Coal has been used for fuel for thousands of years. Funeral pyres have been found with coal remnants as far back as the Bronze Age 3,000 years ago. Aristotle mentions coal in his writings. Coal was used by the ancient Romans to heat their homes, and Marco Polo mentions that the Chinese used coal. The… read more

Best Heavy Equipment Rentals for Your Landscaping Company

Landscaping is an all-encompassing term for beautifying both residential and commercial yards and properties. Landscaping can be as simple as hauling in rock or mulch for your flower beds, or it can be a huge project, encompassing many acres of land that involves the planting of trees, shrubs, and bushes, the digging up and moving… read more

Machines Needed to Landscape, Part 1

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The spring and summer beckon residential and commercial improvement projects, from remodeling your kitchen and bathroom to outdoor projects, such as adding in a new deck, pouring a concrete patio, or landscaping your home or office space. Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new and used CAT equipment for purchase or for rent in Colorado,… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Commercial Building, Part 2

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There’s something about walking into a brand new building that is mesmerizing. The wood smell is reminiscent of a forest, the appliances sparkle, and the floors shine. Stepping into a new home is akin to stepping into a painting. Creating a space for a new business, a community center for people to come together, or… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Commercial Building, Part 1

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It seems like every day a new building is being erected in your town, whether it’s a bank or a shopping mall. You notice various pieces of heavy duty equipment at various stages of the construction phase, all working hard to get the building completed and open for business. Sometimes, it seems like it’s a… read more

Machines Needed to Repave Your Parking Lot, Part 2

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There’s more to just repaving your commercial parking lot than getting rid of the cracks and making it new. When you make something new, you are giving it a new life. You’re taking something old and reinvigorating it just like you would in life when you are given a second chance. By repaving your commercial… read more