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New & Used CAT Parts Spotlight

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Genuine CAT Parts & More When you’re on the job and a part fails on a piece of vital equipment, you need a replacement part fast. Wagner Equipment is proud to serve Colorado, New Mexico, and Western Texas, providing you with top-quality replacement and repair services on just about any part imaginable. In addition to… read more

Agriculture Equipment Spotlight

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Wagner Equipment: CAT and Beyond Wagner Equipment takes pride in the quality new and used CAT products that we provide to the Colorado Front Rage, New Mexico, and Western Texas — but our services don’t stop there! Construction provision is just one facet of Wagner’s vision for serving our area. We offer a wide scope… read more

How CAT Is Creating Opportunities for America’s Heroes

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CAT is an industry leader in innovating new technologies for the construction workforce. In today’s post, Wagner Equipment would like to spotlight a particular story that has us excited about the future of CAT and their products, and why we believe in them so much. Heroic Partnership Recently, CAT has partnered with a non-profit organization… read more

Should You Buy Used or Rent From Wagner Equipment?

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Consider What You Need. Wagner Equipment is able to provide solutions for any of your construction and worksite needs. Let us briefly describe the benefits to either option available to you from one of our several locations across Colorado, New Mexico and Western Texas. If you’re not sure whether buying a quality CAT product or… read more