Why Rent Your Cat Equipment From Wagner?

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In recent blogs, we’ve jumped around a bit from topic to topic. In December, we highlighted a few of the basic tools you’ll need to do almost every home improvement project and shined the proverbial spotlight on new and used CAT parts. In January, we took a deep dive into the world of machinery required… read more

How To Motivate Your Construction Crew Effectively, Part Two

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Since 1976, we’ve been selling and renting out CAT equipment in storefront locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. Customers who hail from industries like forestry, governmental and municipal applications, heavy construction, building construction, waste handling, paving, mining, and more come to Wagner Equipment for our selection, price point, high-quality Caterpillar machines, and… read more

Wagner CAT Equipment: Industries & Solutions, Part Two

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Welcome back to the Wagner Equipment Co. blog! You join us in the midst of a series dedicated to highlighting the industries CAT equipment supports. In part one, we took the opportunity to discuss applications that included agriculture industry solutions, military & defense, construction, demolition and scrap recycling solutions, electric power generation, forestry, local/state levels… read more